Dedicated to the Total Rehabilitation of the Laryngectomee

2017 Conference

Saddle Up and Get Ready

The 2017 Texas Laryngectomee Association Conference will be held  February 17-19, 2017, at the Emerald Beach Hotel in Corpus Christi. The planning committee has been busy creating an unusually exciting agenda. One thing that will be different this meeting will be a laryngectomee rap session. In the past there have been spouse rap sessions where they could vent some of their frustrations. We realize that laryngectomees have their own frustrations and problems that are causing them problems. So, there will be a time for them to meet and discuss their problems.

 Many local speakers will be used along with our own excellent clinical staff.

20 CEU's have been approved by ASHA for qualifying attendees.

 Scholarships will be available for those in need. Selectees must be no more than two yeatrs post-op and contact John  Ulrich by email requesting the scholarship. The scholarship will be for the use of the laryngectomee and their spouse/caregiver. It will be for registration only.


Join us on Thursday, February 16, 2017 from 2-5 at the TLA Annual Meeting for:

Laryngectomee Visitor Training

 Laryngectomee Visitor Training is an excellent opportunity for experienced laryngectomees and their spouse/caretakers to receive practical hands-on instruction in how to properly and caringly provide pre and post-op orientation visits to the new laryngectomee.  The training offers the simple do’s and don’ts that will guide the Visitor to a positive and inspiring interaction to offer hope in overcoming the many unique challenges incurred with this surgery.


“Every day is a challenge for newly laryngectomized persons, especially when they did not have pre-operative counseling.  Many say that it is a whole new life. Everything is different.  There are so many changes and adjustments, so many frustrations. Often, they feel as if they don’t know anything about anything, because no one told them what to expect.  That is why trained Visitors are so important.”    

---Jessie Hart, laryngectomee and dedicated volunteer who helped create the Visitor Training Manual. 


Arrangements have been made with the Emerald Beach Hotel to have a block of rooms available at $90.00 per night. Reservations can be made by calling (361) 883-5731 and mention group code "TLA".