Dedicated to the Total Rehabilitation of the Laryngectomee

2019 TLA Handouts

2019 Texas Laryngectomee Association Conference Handouts

Radiation Effects & Survivorship - Sharon Jamison, RN

Radiation Therapy Options - Sharon Jamison, RN

TL, Pre-Surgical Counseling - Jenna MacKenzie, MS, CCC-SLP

Nutrition - What Now - Maripat Hodges, MS, RD, CSO, LD

Lymphedema - Ruchika Sapre, PT,DPT,CWS,CLT

Intoduction to Electro Larynx - Cady Moltz, MS, CCC/SLP

Introduction to TEP - Lori Henkener, MS,CCC/SLP

Introduction to Housing & HME - Kristi DeHaan, MS, CCC/SLP

Critical Pathways HNC - Caroline Nickel, MS CCC-SLP

Swallowing After TL - Diane Longnecker, MS, CCC/SLP

Oral Hygiene & Dental Care - Thomas Schlieve DDS, MD, FACS

TEP TroubleshootingLori Henkener, MS,CCC/SLP