Dedicated to the Total Rehabilitation of the Laryngectomee

Candy Moltz


Candy Moltz


Candy Moltz retired in May 2014 as a staff Speech Language Pathologist at the Dallas VA Medical Center where she worked for 23 years.  Before that she was a clinical supervisor at the University of Texas at Dallas in the Speech Pathology graduate program for nine years.  Early on, Candy was mentored by Jessie Hart (a long time laryngectomee and IAL Board of Directors member) who facilitated Candy’s interest and commitment to the rehabilitation of Laryngectomees. Candy has actively participated with the Dallas Lost Chord club since 1989.  With Jessie and a handful of Texas Lost Chord Club presidents from around the state, Candy helped plan the first of more than 27 Texas Laryngectomee Association Annual meetings based on the Voice Institute and Annual Meeting of the IAL.  Candy has served on the IAL Board of Directors from 2012-2018, edited the IAL News from 2015-2018 and is dedicated to the rehabilitation of laryngectomees, proud of Texas and proud of the Texas Laryngectomee Association. 

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